01. The old woman lay in her hospital bed, [murmuring] to herself in the dark.
02. He fell asleep in the grass, beside the [murmuring] stream.
03. The wind [murmured] in the trees.
04. The audience [murmured] with impatience as they waited for the show to begin.
05. The man [murmured] a few words of encouragement to his daughter as she picked up her violin.
06. The children were speaking in low [murmurs] so that their parents couldn't hear.
07. We fell asleep to the gentle [murmur] of the ocean waves.
08. Even out in the forest, an hour's hike from the parking lot, they could still hear the [murmur] of traffic on the highway.
09. There are apparently some [murmurings] of discontent among the government backbenchers.
10. "I'll never leave you," he [murmured] softly in her ear.
11. The doctor has detected a slight [murmur] in your son's heart, but it's nothing to worry about for the time being.
12. Gerry was born with a heart [murmur], but it has never caused him any problems.
13. Woodrow Wilson once stated that the great voice of America does not come from the seats of learning, but in a [murmur] from the hills and the woods and the farms and the factories and the mills.
14. Gaston Bachelard once suggested that the subconscious is ceaselessly [murmuring], and it is by listening to these murmurs that one hears the truth.
15. The soldier walked through the remains of the town, indifferent to the [murmurs] of the dying.

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